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All dogs should be in good health before arriving for grooming or daycare. Daycare even for a short period of time can be stressful. Stress can be reduced by regular visits to maintain familiarity and comfort in the environment.


Being in close quarters with other dogs increases the risk of disease transmission and it is not uncommon for boarding and daycare dogs to contract minor illnesses consisting of upper respiratory infection (kennel cough), a gastrointestinal disorder such as vomiting or diarrhea, and foot pad soreness/irritation. While we do our best to maintain a clean and safe environment SPS&DS cannot guarantee that your dog will not become ill while in our care.


At the digression of SPS&DS staff, dogs that have two or more loose stools in a day, owners will be contacted to pick up and obtain a stool sample from their veterinarian to check for worms of any kind. If positive, upon completion of treatment your dog(s) may return to daycare after another negative stool. If the first stool comes back negative for worms, we will require a second, more thorough test to confirm there are no contagious parasites known as Giardia and Coccidia. 


Dogs that are heartworm positive or undergoing heartworm treatment are not permitted for any services. Once the treatment for heartworms is complete, a veterinary recommendation is to wait 6 months before testing for heartworms to avoid a false positive. Once your pup is heartworm negative, they are permitted to use services at SPS&DS. 


Due to our primary concern with each dog's health and safety, dogs with and not limited to the following health conditions are not eligible for daycare at SPS&DS and are recommended to board with a veterinary hospital for specialized care: seizures, diabetes, incontinence, kennel cough/respiratory infection, pneumonia, papilloma, conjunctivitis, history of strokes, intestinal parasites, dogs who are immobile/wheelchair bound and dogs currently undergoing chemotherapy. (I understand that SPS&DS reserves the right to keep my dog(s) out of interactive daycare due to health reasons that may not be listed). 

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